Just Powers Podcast


In this episode, recorded in early 2021, Sheena Wilson sits down with two project managers for Blatchford, a net-zero real estate development on the site of the old Edmonton City Centre Airport. The City had long slated the 200 hectare airfield for a world-class energy efficient community that will eventually be home to 30,000 residents.The Blatchford project broke ground in 2019 and is now welcoming its first cohort of residents. As of 2021, 100 people resided in Blatchford’s first 21 houses. Dr. Wilson speaks with Christian Felske of the City of Edmonton’s Renewable Energy Systems, and Tom Lumsden, City Development Manager, to talk about the challenges and hopes for this one-of-a-kind urban community. Does the build live up to the promise of the original conception?To learn about Blatchford today, visit https://blatchfordedmonton.ca/